A Girl’s Life


BeFunky Collagegirl2done

This basket is closed!!!!!!!!


Ticket Price:

$4 per ticket

20 slots available

This “basket” includes:

1 Personalized Child’s Bracelet:  Forever Charmz

$50 Slime Gift Card- Artistic Slimez

Half pound cake pops – Cheryl’s Cookie Jar

Half pound chocolate chip cookies – Cheryl’s Cookie Jar


To Enter:

  • Purchase Tickets by clicking here
  • Comment Below with the number(s) that you would like
  • Please leave your email address and name so that we can contact you with any questions. Please look at the numbered list below to make sure the number you wish to take is not already taken. I will try to keep it as updated as I can.

**I will go by what comes through first on my end. If your number is already taken, I will contact you via email to ask you to please choose another number.**

  1. Kathi Quick

2. Linda Jobe

3. Nicole Wingard

4. Evelene Sterling

5.Nicole Wingard

6.Kathi Quick

7.Brandi Malopolski

8. Nicole Wingard

9. Evelene Sterling

10. Linda Jobe

11.Nicole Wingard

12. Amanda Cochrane

13.Kathi Quick

14. Nicole Wingard

15. Amanda Cochrane

16.Evelene Sterling

17.Brandi Malopolski

18.Amanda Cochrane

19.Nicole Wingard

20.Amanda Cochrane






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