Let’s Get Cooking

BeFunky Collagekitchen



Ticket Prices

  • $4 per ticket
  • 30 Slots

This “basket” includes:

  • Homemade Dish Cloths- Rachel Barber
  • Handmade wooden bowl – Sue
  • Measuring cup- Sue

*Book is blank on the inside, so it can be used as a journal or a recipe book*

  • Measuring Spoons- Sue


To Enter:

  • Purchase Tickets by clicking here
  • Comment Below with the number(s) that you would like. Please look at the numbered list below to make sure the number you wish to take is not already taken. I will try to keep it as updated as I can.
  • Please leave your email address and name so that we can contact you with any questions

**I will go by what comes through first on my end. If your number is already taken, I will contact you via email to ask you to please choose another number.**


  1. Beverly Smith

2.Cindy Waggoner

3.Beverly Smith

4.Cindy Waggoner

5.Kristi Knapp

6.Cindy Waggoner

7.Carol Brown

8.Cindy Waggoner

9. Melissa Bellows

10.Cindy Waggoner

11.Carol Brown

12.Kristi Knapp

13.Shannon Phillips

14.Cindy Waggoner

15.Carol Brown

16.Cindy Waggoner

17.Shannon Phillips

18.Cindy Waggoner

19.Carol Brown

20.Cindy Waggoner


22.Kristi Knapp


24.Cindy Waggoner

25.Mary Thompson

26.Beverly Smith

27.Beverly Smith


29. Mary Thompson

30.Beverly Smith




**These items will be shipped separately – coming directly from the person donating the item(s). Project Robby is not responsible for any items not received. **

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